There are two steps involved to withdraw and claim your pre-staked ERD and rewards:

  • First step: involves expressing the intention to withdraw. Once this intention is executed through a first transaction sent to the Smart Contract, there will be no additional rewards calculated from this point in time.

  • Second step: After 7 days have passed since the intention was recorded (during which no rewards are accrued), a second transaction needs to be processed that will claim the initial amount staked and the rewards earned.

  • Note that only withdrawals of the full amount you have staked are possible.

  • All steps will be done via the Pre-staking website. You will need MetaMask and access to the address and its private key from which the pre-staking was originally made if you want to claim the pre-staked ERD and the rewards.

Step-by-step withdraw process:

  1. Log into Metamask, select the wallet used for staking

  2. Go to

  3. Press Withdraw

  4. The “Prerequisites” screen will verify that you have Metamask, staked ERD from it and enough ETH to pay for the transaction. Address each individual point as needed until all checks are green, and press continue

  5. The next step is to initialize the withdrawal process. Press Initialize Withdraw. You can check the status of transaction by clicking on the transaction hash.

  6. Wait 7 days, return to

  7. This step now claims your staked ERD and accrued rewards. Press Withdraw. You can check the status of the transaction by clicking on the transaction hash.

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